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Against the damage of the earthquake 2006 in Yogyakarta

Watching the TV news from Yogyakarta , the aftermath of the horrific earthquake of 27 May 2006, was a very shocking experience. People were killed, injured and many lost their homes.
For the living, their daily lives were completely changed. Many performing groups were forced to stop their activities - rehearsals, teaching, performances.We are very preoccupied with the situation there, its sadness and the cries for help.
Consequently, a group of Japanese musicians, dancers and their friends have banded together to help support the recovery of the gamelan culture in Yogyakarta.
We hope that you can sympathize and collaborate with us in our endeavor to help and encourage the artists and teachers who are suffering from this disaster.

- Goals of the project
1. Financial support for renovating, repairing or making materials and facilities like clothes, gamelan instruments and performance space, which are indispensable to performing arts.

2. Financial support for concerts, which will encourage the people in Yogyakarta.

3. Collaborative work for developing common artistic objectives through the exchange of ideas and artists between Indonesia and other countries.

- Projected Activities -
1. Fund drives
2. Charity concerts
3. Reports on the cultural conditions in Yogyakarta via the internet.

- Policy of the project
1. Sustainability
2. Diversity of activities
3. Respect of local needs

■Bank account
Name of the bank: RESONA BANK LIMITED
Address: 30-19, NAGAOKA 2-CHOME, NAGAOKA, KYOTO 617-0823 JAPAN
Tel: 81-75-9516366
Account:0011569 (ordinary deposit)

Shin Nakagawa
Villa Tamiaki #211, Jigo 7, Kamiueno-cho, Muko City, Kyoto 617-0006, Japan
Fax: 81 (Jap) 75-9344534
Mobile:81 (Jap) -90-36517488

Aki Adishakti (staff of Indonesian Consulate General of Osaka), Eriko Aoki(cultural anthropologist), gamelan Fuigo-biyori (CAP house), Yasuo Harima (Able Art), Sumiko IKEGAMI( Fine Art), Kimiko Hayashi (gamelan Darma Budaya), Hiros (Act Kobe Japan), Yoshinori Iwai (gamelan Tirta Kencana), Junko Kazama (Chukyo Women’s University), Emi Kobayashi (gamelan Gita Kencana), Michiko Komatsu (gamelan Tirta Kencana), Tomoko Masuda (Indonesia association of Kansai), Hitomi Ozeki (gamelan Sekar Melati), Shin Sakuma (gamelan Marga Sari), Takahito Sato(RORMASI-J), Teiji Sugihara (Indonesia association of Kansai), Naoko Uneme (dancer), Wiyantari (gamelan Marga Sari), Teruo Yamasaki (gamelan Darma Budaya)








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