Jan 30, 2007


Forum-7 is a group of Yogyakarta volunteers that consist of 7 personil with variaous educational and experienced background.   Before join in as Forum-7 member, part of them are volunteers with no personal or business interests in the disaster recovery. At first they have supported by six publishers which called Yogya Bangkit (Yogya Recovery).
This group utilizing drama-therapy method (kethoprak)   ,and tried to light up the survivors' hope and spirit. They has tried to help survivors to get better mental condition, so the survivors themselves could do anything needed for getting back to their normal lives .
Forum-7   specialised to take in hand psychological and physiological recovery of the survivors whose profession are gamelan's musician. They are not the government or any insitution musicians. These kind of survivors get not much attention related to their daily activities as a musician. All of the   government or NGO assistance do not reach directly to their profession. Generally, most of the aids are just to covered the logistic and physical needs.
Forum-7 endeavor to facilitated the psychological and physiological of the musicians needs through musical activities that direct related to their profession. Psychologically through this kind of activities, hoping they have a chance to improved their interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skill.   Meanwhile these activities will motivated them to re-rehersal and as a catarsis   and entertainment all at once. For physiological need, all of the musicians got subsidized some fee and accomodation even when rehersal or recording as part of the finance problem solution. Some of the program which have done and plan by Forum-7:

•  September 2006 we have gathered 20 musicians and start to run a rehersal at   Sanggar Bagong Kussudiarjo Bantul. Forum-7 got some facilities like, studio for rehersal, gamelan and recording studio. The musicians were practised three gendhings that consist of two as a standard song and the other one arranged by themselves which to expressed the impression of their experienced of the disaster. At the end of a week of the rehersal they were recorded in DVD.

•  November 2006 the similar musicians run a rehersal again in the same place for live recording and broadcasted by the RRI (Radio of the Republic of Indonesia) Yogyakarta. We have documented this program in CD audio.

•  Januari 2007 we donated some fund for two karawitan groups in Pundong and Bambanglipuro. The fund means as a stimulus for the weekly karawitan activities which halted after the disaster.

•    March 2007 we plan to perform the   new music composition by 5 composers and will be held at the “Beringin Sukarno” venue in the area of Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta. Most of the musicians that will participate in these event are the   survivors.

•  Mei 2007 to commemorate a year of the Yogyakarta disaster we plan to collaborating the musicians (Forum-7) with the kethoprak artist (Yogya Bangkit) and held the performance (date and place come afterward).

Pic.1. The condition of one of   the Forum-7 musician's house (Mr. Pudjo-Pundong)
which received musical equipment and donation for the local karawitan group activities .

Pic.2.Mr. Siswadi (Forum-7) and Mr. Pujo (musician)

Recording at Sanggar Bagong Kussudiarjo

Recording at Sanggar Bagong Kussudiarjo










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